SIS & KIK Principal Meeting: Strategic Learning Initiatives

The principal meeting attended by all the KIK and SIS principals is a semester event held at one of the KIK or SIS campuses. The discussions and meeting during this time creates an opportunity for all the school leaders to share experiences and give advice regarding: teaching and learning initiatives, improving school management, sharing good practices, implementation of the new curriculum.

This semester, Principals from all the KinderWorld schools met at SIS@Gamuda Gardens and SIS@Van Phuc, Hanoi.
Discussions and presentation mentioned below were some of the few initiative shared:

  • Support is given to formalize strategic direction in the schools by sharing each of the school’s action plans;
  • Presentation on new initiatives expedited across all schools such as Letterland Phonics programme for KIK, DynEd English programme for SIS and STEM subject implementation;
  • Sharing of good practices in teaching and learning, as well as school management at each campus;
  • Examinations, report cards and assessment were discussed in detail for all schools to apply the same policy.

Throughout the sharing and training sessions, Principals and KinderWorld academic experts talked about different teaching strategies in various subjects and other necessary proficiencies in learning and teaching.

All leaders walked away with excitement and enthusiasm and took back great suggestions and ideas to implement in their schools.